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Itineraries designed especially for the children. more...


Choose one of the Crux Ecoaventura courses and get started today to practice a sport in touch with nature.


Gift the adventure you want. Choose what activity they dig and make a surprise. more...


The North Face brand is the Crux Ecoaventura`s partner for adventure equipment and garment since october 2011. We do train the TNF crew in Rio for climbing and mountaineering. We are the adventure consultants for them in Rio state and we also participates on their Cross Country Tournament, with the X-Terra brand. All costumers can see the TNF garment performance on our tours. Check The North Face Rio`s store in Shopping Leblon or go to www.thenorthface.com.br. more...

Work with us

Work with us. Great opportunity to work in Rio, if you are a go-getter, has some adventure skills and is a Embratur tour guide. more...


Clipping Releases. All you need to know about Crux Ecoaventura. more...
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